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the team

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Our Team

Veteran Village is the result of an amazing collection of likeminded, passionate and committed individuals. Everyone has their particular skills, knowledge and experience and everyone has the same goal of supporting our veterans in creating a life outside of the armed forces

Paul Matson Founder & Chairman

The man behind the idea. Paul served in the royal artillery in the early 1980’s. Having founded the charity he has built a team of tireless individuals to create the veterans support network he envisaged. His background in the military and construction are perfectly suited to this role.

Trevor Fishburn Trustee & Project Manager

A later addition to the team, Trevor served a short term in the Royal Navy before embarking on a career in Property. With over 30 years experience in this discipline he has taken on the task of Project Managing the proposed Veterans Village.

Jim Fishburn Co-Founder & Trustee

Jim joined the RN in 1984 aged 16 and left over 23 years later in 2007 when he turned 40. During this time, he served on-board HMS Euryalus, HMS London, HMS Cardiff and HMS Dumbarton Castle.

Martin Chadburn Committee Member

After leaving school in 1989 Martin joined the 1st battalion the Duke of Wellington regiment where he served for 9 years, touring Bosnia, Northern Ireland and Germany. From 2016, he volunteered for Hull 4 Heroes and is now a full Committee Member.